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Top-10 new product

We are proud that our Bravo-1 has been named one of the World Ag Expo's 2020 Top-10 New Products!


Be sure to visit us at P Street #10 Feb 11-13, 2020.​

Top-10_Seal_Final (1).png

bravo - 1   Features

  • Center Drive

  • 180 Degree Seat Rotate

  • Air Ride Suspension

  • 4 Wheel Drive

  • 4 Wheel Steer

  • CAT 74HP Tier 4 Engine

  • Accepts Bin and/or Totes

  • Auto Center Axels

  • Reversible Steering 

  • Low Approach Angle

  • On Board Air

  • Hydrostatic 4 Speed Trans.

bravo - 1

Bravo-1 is a hydraulic self-propelled bin carrier that brings efficiency, safety, and delicacy to the handling of bins and totes while harvesting of a variety of field picked commodities. Bravo-1 was designed with the need to quickly and efficiently move bins and pallets out of the field during harvest, while minimizing damage to the delicate fruit.  

Bravo with bins.png

The operators console in the center and front of the machine.  This gives the Operator a clear line of sight to each end of the machine while operating. The operators seat hydraulically rotates 180 degrees on its axis to allow the operator to drive the machine in both directions, facing forward in all directions.  Allowing the operator to pick up and drop off bin/pallets without interrupting the harvesting and being able to always face the direction for travel.  Allowing the operator to be aware of the surroundings at all times and reducing the risk of injury to machine or others.

When the operator rotates the seat the steering functions automatically flip allowing the leading axle in either direction to be controlled by the steering wheel. When navigating narrow avenues and rows the 4-wheel steer allows the Bravo-1 to get in and out of tight areas.  Once the machine is in a row or out in the avenue, the operator can activate auto-center and the trailing axle automatically returns to center. This can be done on the fly, so the operator never needs to stop and look to re-center axles thus allowing the operator to get back to a straight path quickly and accurately.  

Bravo-1 also comes with 4-wheel drive and a front articulating axle to allow the machine to drive through rough terrains without getting stuck or high centered. To ensure that fruit is not bruised during the loading and unloading process, Bravo-1 retracts the rear axle, lowering the frame and creating a low angle of approach to pick up bins or pallets.  This keeps the bins /pallets on a single plane thus allowing for smooth travel in and out of the machine. Bravo-1 is also achieves a level and smooth ride by using air ride suspension with an on-board ride management system. This allows Bravo-1 to self-level while driving, and loading /unloading bins or pallets. With the Increase in labor and the increase in mechanical harvesting, Bravo-1 is the answer that farmers are looking for to bring efficiency, safety, and delicacy to the handling of their fruit. 

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